We didn’t set out to create a collection of hotels. It just sort of happened that way.

We simply felt the time had come to realize a hotel is no longer just a place to sleep.

It’s a place to wake up.

A place where like-minded nonconformists can both lose and find themselves, in spaces designed to juxtapose evocative art and intriguing ideas.

A place for the eccentrics who effortlessly channel culture, immersed in art, music, and eclectic experience.

A place to bring independent spirits and bold changemakers together as a positive force for good, creating community around the things that matter most in our diverse neighborhoods and across our shared cultures.

Most of all, a place to revel in all the ways we can and will nurture and sustain our guests, our communities, our world, and each other.

The result is an intriguing collection of singular hotels with art at the heart of each experience, spurred on by the passion of Andrea Dawson Associates to awaken our collective consciousness to the important issues of our time.

Each Z stands alone, deliberately distinct from its peers, yet undeniably connected to each other. Like all of us.

Officially standalone. Unofficially united.