A hotel is not a place to sleep. It’s a place to wake up.

The Unofficial Z Collection is for all of you unapologetic iconoclasts who are bored with blasé, open to the unexpected, and ready to rebel against the play-it-safe hotels you yawn at everywhere else.

You have a choice. You can either zzzzzzz there, or wake up here (and revel in the irony).

Guests playing shuffleboard at Hotel Zetta
A game of shuffleboard in the Play Room of Hotel Zetta

Each Z stands alone, deliberately distinct from its peers, yet undeniably connected to each other.

Guests riding the luggage cart in Hotel Zeppelin
Guests catching a ride at Hotel Zeppelin
Ping pong table in Game Room at Hotel Zephyr
The “ship-yard chic” Game Room at Hotel Zephyr



The Mantel Bar at Hotel Zeppelin
Unorthodox and bold, The Mantel Bar at Hotel Zeppelin
The covered patio of Dirty Habit bar and restaurant at Hotel Zelos
Angel’s Share Patio, SoMa’s best outdoor space at Hotel Zelos

Event spaces designed for maximum flexibility and effortless use.

Public areas like the lobby, pool, and restaurant can be repurposed for private events, in tandem with the intentional event spaces woven seamlessly throughout each Z hotel.